What does the Donor Application software do?

Donor Application offers everything you need to efficiently manage your donor program. Key benefits include:


  • Quick pre-screen application
  • Mobile-friendly full application
  • Real-time application status updates
  • Upload documents, photos, and videos
  • Direct communication with coordinators


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy-access donor search and profiles
  • Full-view donor search and catalog
  • One-click donor reservations
  • HIPAA compliant data storage

Program Coordinator

  • Customizable donor eligibility requirements and abandoned application tracking
  • Direct communication with donors
  • Comprehensive dashboard for donor processing, inventory management, and marketing analytics
  • Seamless website and branding integration
  • Easily add tracking scripts to applications from coordinator dashboard (including GTM, GA, FB pixel code, etc.)

Who We Help

Check out a few of the 100+ clinics who rely on our software.

Our Pricing Plan

$300 per month


One all-inclusive price includes the following:

Setup & Processes
  • Setup & training
  • Support & security
  • HIPAA-compliant hosting
  • Server backups
Donor Qualification
  • Quick pre-screen application
  • Mobile-friendly full application
  • Configurable eligibility requirements
  • Email notification
  • Photo and video management
  • Export donor profiles to PDF
  • Donor to donor referral program
User Management
  • Register and approve recipients
  • Manage recipient access and permissions
  • Manage staff member access and permissions
  • Send bulk emails to donors and recipients
  • Send custom emails from your domain name
  • Built-in marketing analytics dashboard
  • Easily add analytics tracking scripts to applications
Bonus Features
  • Recipient cycle management
  • Shared cycle management

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely.You can add, delete, and edit questions in real - time without the need of a web developer.
Yes. You are able to display information important to your program.
Yes.External documentation can be collected, edited, and displayed on the donor profile.
Yes. We're happy to migrate data from your former system into Donor Application for you.
Yes. We'll also provide you with configurable reports and marketing tools.
It usually takes 1-2 weeks to configure the application, train your staff, and integrate links into your site with your developer. The time can vary based on your specifications and availability.
Yes. Only your administrator and authorized users will have access to your information.
Yes. The data collected belongs solely to you. You can securely export your data at any time.

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